A New Era of Robotics

We view ourselves as an automation provider with a flexibly upgradable product range that can integrate various optional components. We not only supply the largest range of SCARA robots for the most varied applications, but also six-axis robots, controllers, and software. All our products integrate seamlessly and are easy to operate.


SCARA Robots

Efficient in every way

Reduced mass but increased power. Optimised efficiency. Compact design but a larger work envelope. We always consider the next evolution.


More power in less space

A slim design and minimised weight lead to considerable savings in operating costs. Compared to previous models, we’ve reduced our G-Series by 10 percent in height for the latest models. Since our robots have no tubes and the wiring is inside, this design is especially compact.


Larger work envelope

We have increased the working range of our SCARA kinematics by an average 23 percent. The result is an work envelope that’s equal to the envelope of competing robots of the next size up.


Higher speed

We’ve achieved an average increase in axis speed of 20 percent, and a similar increase in payload. Every kinematic has the highest positional accuracy in its class.


High efficiency, low power consumption

All Epson robots stand out for their low power consumption. Electric energy is converted into kinetic energy to achieve the highest efficiency and shortest cycle times.


The Epson concept: take it one step further

Unequalled repeatability. Improved joining properties. Higher insertion forces and speeds. A space-saving design with reduced interference contours. And that’s just scratching the surface (which is something our robots won’t do, of course).

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