DLF-220s Digital Label Finishers

Compact, plotter-style label finishing system

Create fully-finished labels of any shape

Unwind, laminate, contour cut, remove waste, slit, and rewind in one simple process to create professionally-finished labels. These solutions are perfect for on-demand, short-run label finishing.

Convert labels into finished rolls, ready for application. The DLF’s cutting process requires no physical dies. Cut paths can be varied as often as desired, giving users the flexibility to create any label shape, on the fly.


Cut Any Shape

Accurately cut any shape up to 381mm in length on demand

Save Time

Eliminate unnecessary waiting times and stock holding, take control of your label production.

All in one

Unwinds, laminates ,knife cuts, removes waste, slits, and finally rewinds in one simple process.


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  • Accurately cut any shape label on demand, without the added cost of dies.
  • New generation optical sensor eliminates potential registration errors caused by dust or debris from cutting area.
  • Easy to load and manoeuvre, saving time and money.


  • Say goodbye to pre-cut labels.
  • Take control of your own label production, eliminating waiting times and stock holding.
  • Laminate your labels before cut to add a different finish and protection.
  • Eliminate hassle associated with producing full bleed labels.

No dies needed, Cut any shape

Rewinding to Finishing Rolls

Rewind your rolls to your desired lengths and width – simple and easy to use


Set your knives to achieve your desired widths.

Waste Matrix Removal

Quickly and easily remove the waste around your label to produce perfect looking labels.

Knife Cutting

Using the tangental drag knife you can produce any shape and produce bespoke labels in short volumes.  


Add durability to your labels using laminate. The simple and easy system ensures the maximum life for your labels.

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