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Magnum offers a wide variety of inkjet label printing machinery to provide on demand labels for all sectors of industry. We have printers in areas such as Pet Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Artisan Foods, Beverages, Vaping, Equestrian, Confectionary and many more.

Only the best will do!

We only offer our customers the best label printers on the market, we have a range of Afinia and Epson printers for you to choose which one is best for you.

We’ve got you covered…

Epson C3500 Label Printer

The high quality colour label printer, designed to print a wide variety of labels in-house with a low cost per label. Flexible and simple to use.

Epson C7500 Label Printer

Produce high-speed, high-quality colour labels in house and on demand with this reliable and cost effective printer.

Epson C6000 Series

COLOURWORKS On-demand label printer

This 4-inch colour label printer (with auto-cutter or auto-peeler) offers bespoke, flexible, colour labelling and supports a wide range of label sizes.

Epson C6500 Series

COLOURWORKS On-demand label printer

This 8-inch colour label printer (with auto-cutter or auto-peeler) offers bespoke, flexible, colour labelling and supports a wide range of label sizes.

Afinia L301 Label Printer

Flexibility for growing brands, increased saving, vivid beautiful labels, ideal for small businesses, professional looking labels on demand.

Afinia L801 Label Printer

A Memjet powered industrial inkjet printer, ideal for short to medium range print runs for prime and secondary labelling applications.

Afinia L502 Label Printer

Enjoy the durability of pigment and the vibrancy of dye inks in the same printer. The L502’s ink interchangeability offers a level of versatility never before experienced in the label printing world.

Afinia L901 Label Printer

Powerful in both roll-to-roll and in-line applications. Integrates directly with label finishers, applicators, dispensers and more

Afinia LT5C Label Printer

The LT5C CMYK + white label printer offers professional five-color output for a wide variety of markets. Whether it’s high-durability labels, freezer and cold-storage labels, food and beverages, or household goods—the LT5C from Afinia Label can deliver that and more.

Afinia DLP-2100 Print Finisher

This full-featured workhorse is capable of laminating, die cutting, waste removal and rewinding to finished rolls that are ready for application.

Afinia DLF-220 Finishing System

An all-in-one system that unwinds, laminates, digitally contour cuts, removes waste, slita and rewinds in one simple process to create professionally finished labels.


Let us show you

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Arrange a visit to our purpose built demonstration area at Magnum which is just south of Manchester. Where our Memjet trained engineers will show you the capabilities of the machines and will be delighted to print your artwork to customise a demonstration tailored to your needs. We regularly try to push the boundaries of our machinery and welcome your ideas and innovations.

Come along and try the machines at Magnum.


Success Stories

The L801 is the perfect choice for Sneyd’s as it produces 1600dpi high quality prints on demand.  Blank polypropylene labels are produced by Magnum for Sneyd’s and the high quality print and design is all done in house in their purpose built Scunthorpe site.

We were very happy with the products and services that Magnum have to offer, we look forward to using them again.

Ryan Sinclair (DipCanNut .Dist.)

Managing Director, Sneyd's Wonderfeeds Ltd

Check out Batch Distillery and their beautiful Gin labels printed on one of our L501 Label Printers. The Burnley based Gin Distiller has recently installed a L501 to produce bespoke labels for their speciality Gins.

“Magnum were really helpful when it came to selecting the right printer for us. We chatted through the options and after a demo, we were able to choose a printer to best suit our needs.”

Johdi Dinsdale

Operations Manager, Batch Brewery

Teepol uses the DLP-2000 label press to manufacture these lovely labels for their washing up liquids and various other sopas and detergents.  The Dlp gives them complete flexibility in their manufacturing and allows them to produce personalised products adding value in a tough market.

John Wise

Head of Design, Elegant Themes

Book in for a Demo

Customer satisfaction is important to us, thats why we always welcome the opportunity to show our customers what our machines can do for you.

Demonstrations ensure we are matching you to the most suitable machine fit for purpose for your business requirement. Come and see what the range of inkjet machines can do for you.

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