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In-Store Personalisation

Magnum Materials offer Label Printers that have the small footprint solutions to make low-volume custom labels easy and affordable.

Increase your profitability… 

At Magnum we offer 2 options of Afinia Label printers, the L501 and the L301 which are perfect for In-Store Personalisation. Afinia Labels have been at the forefront of in-store product personalisation for the last 3 years. Working with some of the world’s most recognised brands, as well as small independent companies, they have been able to use their printers to bring the benefits of real time digital labelling to in-store retail and live events across the globe.

What is In-Store Personalisation?

On-the-spot custom packaging takes a standard retail product and with the help of HP-powered desktop label printers from Afinia Label relabels it in a way that gives it a personal touch. Typically, this is done by adding text or replacing a graphic element with a person’s name.

This type of on-demand custom packaging has presented itself as an opportunity for retail brands to maximize product interest and optimize the in-store buying experience.

Easy Step by Step Application…

Step 1

Select a product to customise (pre labeled or unlabelled)

Step 2

Customer enters name using an intuitive touchscreen interface or simple worksheet

Step 3

Print custom label on one of Afinia Label’s HP Thermal Inkjet Printers

Step 4

Apply label and Enjoy. The process is so easy, anyone can do it.

Does specially printed or customized packaging make me feel like the product is more valuable?

What are the benefits? 

On-the-spot custom packaging has presented itself as an opportunity for retail brands to maximize product interest and optimize the in-store buying experience.

  • Longer retention of products with lasting branding effects
  • Increase perceived value—over half of the consumers see the custom-packaged product as more valuable
  • Enhance customer experience—brand, product, and shopping
  • Increase foot traffic in physical retail situations
  • Combat online shopping by offering extra value in-store


Meet the Printers

HP SPS Products

Desktop Label Printers with HP Thermal Inkjet Engines

With small footprints and high capability, both of Afinia Label’s HP-based label printers are perfect for on-site personalization.

Afinia Label L301

The L301 is an entry-level professional desktop label printer meant for low-volume production. Easy, snap-in cartridges utilizing HP inkjet technology make for very high quality labels up to 6 inches in width. The L301’s sleek and compact form factor helps it fit just about anywhere.

L501 Label Printer

This versatile desktop label printer is meant for mid-volume production. With its unique Duo Ink Technology, this label printer is the first to print with both pigment and dye inks. Easily transition from dye-based vibrant and colorful prime labels, to ultra-durable pigment-based color applications (waterproof, fade resistant).

Real Life Success Stories

kmart & Cadbury's

If it has your name on it, you don’t have to share it right? That’s the rule in my home. And boy, am I glad that Cadbury is coming through with the goods in time for Christmas.

Cadbury and Kmart are joining forces to provide the ultimate – and definitely the tastiest – Christmas gift to hit Santa’s sleigh this year, a personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Box!

Last year Kmart invited us to put our names on Nutella jars. This year, they’re raising the sugary stakes and letting us whack our names on giant bars of chocolate!

BAO, Paris - Candy Jars

At their store near Paris, BAO uses the Afinia Label L301 to print personalized messages on labels for their candy jars. Customers simply choose candies, write a message, apply the label, and the product is theirs.  Every jar in the store has a personalized label.

Nathan Daniels

Nathan Daniels

Sales Manager - Afinia Label

“Afinia Label have been at the forefront of in-store product personalisation for the last 3 years. Working with some of the world’s most recognized brands, as well as small independent companies, we have been able to use our printers to bring the benefits of real time digital labeling to in-store retail and live event across the globe.

This technology helps high street retail store to fight back against the ever-increasing threat of online commerce by creating a retail experience that the customer can be a part of, interact with and feel. As a direct result of these campaigns, stores have seen an increase in footfall, longer time spent by customers in stores and of course, increased profitability on the product being personalised. Our Nutella/ Vegemite campaign which ran with Kmart throughout Australia saw over 300,000 units sold in a single festive campaign.

At Afinia Label we are able to offer everything required for setup including the label printers, touchscreen kiosks and bespoke software.  No matter the budget or size of company we can provide the solution to your personalisation needs. We are able offer this technology from single use applications to nationwide roll outs and this fact coupled with our experience in this sector ensures that Afinia Label and our partners remain the best choice for in-store and real-time label personalisation.”

Nathan Daniels

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