Afinia L501 Pigment Print Head


Afinia Pigment Printhead only 

Pigment Cartridges can be purchased separately

Making your own labels just got easier

The Afinia L501 pigment print head, which must be used with the corresponding L501 pigment CMYK ink cartridges, makes it possible to use the L501 to print durable industrial, GHS, and chemical labels. The L501 pigment print head can be swapped out for the dye print head and dye inks in the same printer, allowing the L501 to be used for both pigment and dye-based labeling applications..

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Pigment-based prints are highly resistant to the challenges of moisture, abrasion, sun-fading, and extreme temperature. This makes the Afinia L501 perfect for packaging requiring GHS compliance, as well as those with high exposure to moisture, such as beverages and bath products.

The Afinia L501’s dye-based prints are high-impact, colourful, and vibrant, making them ideal for key labelling applications, such as in retail environments.

Magnum Materials carry stock for all Afinia Label Printer’s Ink cartridges and print heads. You can rest assured that we will be able to deliver you Afinia Ink next day to the UK as long as you order before 4pm, Monday to Friday. You are also welcome to pop in and collect your ink should it be more convenient or you need it now.


Only use with L501 Pigment Inks

Afinia L501 Pigment Print Head

This is a Pigment Printhead only – Pigment Cartridges must be purchased separately.

The Afinia L501 Printer has a innovative Duo Ink Technology which allows you to switch between dye based cartridges and durable pigment cartridges by simply changing the printhead. This two-in-one printer is perfect for those who wish to print using both dye and pigment inks but don’t want the expense of buying and running two separate printers.